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What is Spray Deck?

This is a very cost efficient alternative to deck resurfacing on new or existing concrete. It is an epoxy resin mixture which is applied over the concrete. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, it has become a very popular choice for swimming pool decks and patios.

Why is my pool so hard to keep clean?

Over the years, your pool plaster will naturally wear and become rough on the surface. When algae has a chance to grow in the water, it attaches itself to the surface thus making the pool harder to keep clean.Replastering the pool will allow the surface to become smooth again allowing easier cleaning and less monthly chemical costs. A variety of plaster upgrades are available in many colors to enhance your pools surface.

Why is my pool losing water?

It is normal to lose some water through evaporation, however if your pool is losing 2 to 4 inches per week, you might consider a leak detection on the pool and equipment. Approximate cost for this service is $350 to locate the leak.

My pool was replastered, now what?

It is recommended that your pool be brushed for the next 10 days. This allows the "plaster dust" to move around and filter itself out in order to keep it from settling on the surface of the pool.

When can I put my pool cleaner back into the pool?

It is recommended that your pool cleaner not be added to the pool for 30 days after the pool renovation is complete. This will ensure that the plaster has cured enough and not allow the wheels to leave "track marks" on your new plaster.

Deck Resurfacing FAQ

How long will my new plaster last?

Every pool is different; however the average life of your plaster depends on how well the water is kept in balance. On average, one can expect to get 10 to 12 years before replastering again.

My tiles are loose and falling off pool.

Loose or missing tile indicate that there is a problem behind the tiles. In most cases, moisture has settled in allowing the tiles to pop off. Tile replacement is necessary in most cases.

What is the white line on the tiles around my pool?

In most cases, this is a calcium build-up over time. A method called soda blasting is a safe method used to remove the build-up off of the surface of the tiles.

How long does it take to replaster my pool?

On average, it only takes 2 or 3 days to replaster the pool. Once your pool has been replastered, we immediately start to refill the pool with water using a garden hose. It is important not to stop the water until the water has reached halfway on the waterline tile line in order to prevent a "bathtub ring" around the pool. Fill lines are not recommended.


We offer 3 year warranties on standard white plaster. These warranties cover any defects in material or workmanship from the date of installation against pop ups or cracks. Additional warranties available for plaster upgrades.
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