If your pool plaster is rough, pitted or delaminated, it's time to consider replastering. Since this material is always under water and chemical environment, it will naturally wear over time. Typically you can expect an average of 10-12 years with white plaster before your pool needs refinishing. Plaster provides a watertight seal over the gunite shell of the pool, so it's essential to keep it in good shape. Upgraded plaster is available.

The Repair Process

The pool is drained and acid etched several times. Chipping and cutting around fittings and tile line allows new plaster to be feathered in. Weep holes are drilled into the gunite shell to ensure pop up which are then packed with plaster. Two coats of plaster are applied by hand troweling, creating a smooth finish. The filling of your pool begins immediately to allow the curing process to begin. The average sized pool takes 24-48 hours to fill since this is done through a garden hose. Filling the pool with any other method is not recommended. Once your pool is filled chemicals are added and startup begins. For the first 10 days we recommend that the pool be brushed while the plaster is in this curing process thus allowing for a beautiful finished product.


The decking is an important part surrounding your swimming pool. Whether you are looking for deck resurfacing or deck replacement, there are many options and colors to choose from. Brushed concrete, Textured Spray Decking, Peagravel concrete, Pavers, Stamped Concrete, or Flagstone are all options that are available.

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Tile and Coping

Tile and coping replacement is a very common aspect of pool renovations. If you have swimming pool tile that is cracked or falling off the swimming pool, these are signs that you might consider replacement. Typically swimming pool tiles are 6X6 tiles which sit along the inside perimeter of the pool and or raised beams and spa spillways. Tiles begin to fall off whenever water has made its way under the coping or behind these tiles thus creating moisture to set in and eventually creating damage to the gunite beam of the pool. Once this situation occurs, it's only a matter of time until you start to see these tiles just pop off of the pool or become loose.

The Repair Process

The old tile and coping is removed and replaced with new 6X6 frost free swimming pool tile and brick or flagstone coping. Prior to replacement, the pool will be inspected for any bond beam damage that needs repair at this time. This is a necessary repair that needs to take place so that the new materials will adhere to the pool properly.

Tile Cleaning

If your swimming pool tile has white deposits showing on the surface, then you might consider tile cleaning. This is usually caused by calcium and mineral salts known as efflorescence. A tile acid wash or tile soda blasting is available to remove the scale buildup.

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